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Smale scale holiday accommodations Portugal

Quinta do Carmo offers in small set up 3 beautiful holiday accommodations, 2 swimming pools and they share a large common (play) garden with animals and a football field . It is situated next to Alcobaça, a nice and vivid town. The sea is also close. At approx 15 km you find Nazare, famous about the biggest waves of the world.

Holiday vila Casa da Joana is a big and luxury decorated house with a lot of privacy and a private swimming  pool. It is situated at one hillside of the Quinta while at the another hill side the other 2 holiday lodges can be found witha separate entry.  This are the luxury wooden holiday lodges Margarida and Alfazema. Next to their own private garden and terrace, they share a another big  swimming pool and a large barbeque area.  The new holiday lodges are almost finished and can be rented from april 2018. You can already make your bookings now!

Quinta do Carmo – an example to enjoy the best child friendly small scale holiday accommodations Portugal.

Holiday Portugal Child friendly - Quinta do Carmo
owners Paula & Jorge
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Small scale set up and Portuguese hospitality

Portugal feels like a village. Their hospitality is great and Quinta do Carmo shows this in their small scale set up, privacy and personal attention if desired.

The owners Paula e Jorge take good care of their property and guests. We,  Maurice en Sandra, support them with the rental, holiday information and remain your contact person during the booking process as well as holiday period.

The Carmo family takes care of the animals, the maintenance and assure your privacy. Sometimes the grandparents like to prepare a typical Portuguese meal for the guests.  Although they don´t speak another language, it always gets cozy and the local wine tastes always for more!

The location of the Quinta

The Quinta is situated at the Silver coast, a nice area along the sea, north of Lisbon.Full with culture  and nature but without the level of  mass turisme like in the algarve or at the Spanish coast. The small scale holiday Portugal Quinta is approx. 1.5 hours drive from Lisbon airport. Located close the typical fisherman´s village Nazere with its beautiful beaches and the romantic village of Alcobaça with its famous monestry and love story of Don Pedro & Donna Ines.  The Quinta has enterance in 2 different tiny villages: holiday villa Joana in Casal Pinheiro and the holiday lodges in Fragosas.

In between you have the local small supermarket with bar.  Here you find your basic groceries as well as a good expresso, a nice cake or a beer with some nuts. Of course all locals are is watching you. This is part of your holiday experience at Quinta do Carmo; very local, small scale set up and child friendly!

Football field, playgarden and animals

The small holiday Quinta has a common football field. Here you can imitate the famous Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, take your penalties, play the game!
Also in common you have an enormous park containing a play garden for the kids  and some get familiar with the goats, sheep, bird and the monkey!
Next to those we have Gil, an old golden retriever and friend of everybody. He “guards” the Quinta……or this lazy old basterd sleeps most of the time but also likes to play if you release him. Quickly he gets tired and finds his favorite spots on the Quinta. At the  child friendly and small holiday Quinta in Portugal, Gil is enjoying his retirement in the perfect climate!


Every recognises the last minute stress before you can leave to your small scale holiday paradise. It leaves no time to go to the hairdressor. No problem because Paula, the owner of the holiday Quinta, is one of the best hairdressers of Portugal. As guest she receives you even with more hospitality in her salon in Alçobaca. Much cheaper then at home and you will have your good looks during your holiday!

Casa Cantiga

Quinta do Carmo, with small scale holiday accommodations Portugal, is already many years rented out by Casa Cantiga. Many happy and satisfied customers discovered Casa da Joana soon also the new lodges. Casa Cantiga spoils customers also at the most child friendly holiday park in Portugal as well as the beach apartment SolMar!

Availability & bookings